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Membership Registration Agreement

    Article One: The confirmation and admittance of the service clauses for the website

    The possession and operation control of each electronic service are under the jurisdiction of this website. The service which is offered by this website will be strictly enforced in regards to the released regulations, terms of service and operating regulations. The users will finally become valid when totally agree with all the items and finish the registration


    Article Two: Service introduction

    The website uses its own operation system to offer users network service via internet.
Meanwhile, uses should:

    (1)prepare the equipment to the net, including PC, modern or other required equipments

    (2)be responsible for the telephone and net rates which related to the service

    As for the importance of the network service this website offers, users have to agree to:

    (1) provide an accurate personal profile in detail.

    (2) update the information for registration periodically, in keeping with in time, accuracy and elaboration.

    The website will never disclose the name, address, email box and pseudonym of the user, except the following situations:

    (1)Users authorize the website to reveal the information.

    (2)The relevant legal procedures require the website to offer the personal profiles of the users.

    Once found any inaccurate information offered by the users, this website reserves the rights to disqualify the usage of the network service for the users.


    Article Three: The amendment and adjustment of the terms of service

    The website has the rights to amend the terms of service on occasion. Once the items are changed, it will point out the revised content on the main page. In case users disagree with the amendments, they can cancel the network service by themselves. If users would like to go on with the network service, it will be recognized to accept the amendments.

    The website reserves the rights that it’s not necessary to inform the users about the service amendment and interruption. The website does not take the responsibility for the users and the third party when enforcing the rights to amend or interrupt the service.


    Article Four: The system for the users’ privacy

    To respect the privacy of the users is the basic policy of the website. Thus, to complement the analyst of personal profile above, the website will never disclose, edit or reveal the information for registration and the undisclosed content kept in this website without the consent from the valid users, except it is approved by the law or the website, based on honesty, consider it is necessary to reveal the information under the following four situations:

    (1)to abide by the relevant legal rules and respect the website’s legal service routine

    (2)to keep and protect the possession of the website brand.

    (3)strive to protect the personal secrets of the users and public in emergency

    (4)to match other relevant requirements.


    Article Five: The security for the users’ account numbers and passwords

    Once registered successfully and become the valid users of this website, the users will get a password and a user name.
Users have to be responsible for the security of the user name and password. Moreover, each user should be in charge of all the activities and affairs under his/her user name.

    Users can change the password following the instructions at any time.

    In case users discover any illegally usage of the account or any potential safety problems, please inform this website promptly.


    Article Six: Refusal to provide guaranty

    Users accept a risk for the usage of the network service. For this, this website will not provide any kinds of guarantees, whatever definite or implicit. However, the website will not set restrictions to the commercial implicit guaranty, the appropriate guaranty which do not violate the regulations and for special purposes. The website never guarantees the service will totally meet the users’ requirement and the service won’t be interrupted, neither for the timeliness, security, error of the service and obtaining any shopping service or trading process


    Article Seven: Limited liability
    The website does not claim the responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and consequent damages. These damages may come from: inappropriate usage of the network service, purchasing commodities online or undergoing the service of the same style, trading online, illegal usage of network service or the alternation of the conveyed messages by the users.


    Article Eight: The storage and restrictions to the users’ information

    The website does not claim the responsibility for the deletion and failure storage of the information the users release. This website reserves the rights to judge whether the acts of users in accordance with the requirements of the terms of service


    Article Nine: User management

    User is solely responsible for the released content.

    The usage of the service is based on the national laws, regional laws and international legal standards, which are applicable to this website.
    Users must respect:

    (1) when transmitting technical data from internal to abroad will abide by the relevant legislations of China.

    (2) to the network service in a valid way

    (3) not to interfere or make the network service out of order

    (4) to abide by all the network agreements, regulations, procedures and conventions when using the network service.

    Users should commit not to transmit any illegal, disturbance, calumny, abusiveness, frightening, harmfulness, vulgarity and obscenity, etc.

    Moreover, users should not share any info to persuade others to commit crime; should not transmit any info endangering state security; neither for any violated to the local regulations, state laws and international laws. It is forbidden to illegally enter other computer systems without any permission.

    In case the users’ behaviors do not conform to the terms above, the website will cancel the users’ account without any notification. Users have to claim responsibility for their behaviors online.

    On condition that users spread any related to reactionary, pornography and other violating to state laws, the record in the system might be as evidence to users’ lawbreaking.  


    Article Ten:  Users’ security

    The website will ensure and protect the benefits of all the memberships, in charge of the attorney fees result from the overuse of the business scope by users and the compensation for violating the terms of service.


    Article Eleven: The termination of the service

    Users or the website can interrupt one or more network services according to the actual situation at any time. The website does not have to claim responsibility to any one or the third party for interruption. In case users disagree with the amendment or dissatisfy with the service, they can take the following actions:

    (1)stop to use this network service

    (2)inform the website to stop the service to the users.

    The rights for the users to use the network service will stop at once when the service is terminated. From then on, the website has no obligation to forward any unsettled message or unfinished service to the users or the third party.


    Article Twelve: Notice

    All the notice to the users can be appeared on the main page or sent by email. The same way will also be applied to the modification of the service items, change of the service or other crucial events.


    Article Thirteen: Participation in Advertisement

    Users add some propaganda materials or plan to join the advertisement into the info they released, which are displayed freely on this website. These kinds of promotion, including freight, payment, service, commercial terms, guaranty and something related to the descriptions of advertisements can only be generated between the relevant users and the sellers of advertisements. This website will not claim any responsibility for these kinds of advertising marketing.


    Article Fourteen: The possession of details of network service

    The definition of the network service includes characters, software, sound, pictures, videos, charts, contents in advertisement and email, and other info offered to users.

    All these details stated above are protected by the laws of copyright, brand, label and other property possession.
Therefore, users can only use these details under the authorization of this website and the advertising company. Copy, recreate or produce any derivatives related to the contents without notice is definitively forbidden.

   The copyright of all the articles published on the website is possessed together by the authors and this website. Any one who needs to transship the articles should gain the approval of the authors or the website.


   Article Fifteen: Law

   The terms of service should be accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China. Users and this website should consent to obey the jurisdiction of the superior court. In case it happens that the terms conflict with the laws, then all these items will be re-explained totally on the basis of the rules, while others will remain to exert  a legal force and influence on the users.

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