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□ Jogging: All you need is just happy mind!

□ Tennis and badminton: Shamian Tennis Court is the oldest tennis court in Guangzhou and you can play tennis and badminton there for a very reasonable charge. Rubber court. ADD: No. 5 South Shamian Street.

□ Swimming: The swimming pool on the top floor of our East Building is for summer use only. You can enjoy the city view while swimming. Shamian Public Swimming Pool is open all year round. ADD: No. 51 North Shamian Street.

□ Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is in Shamian fourth Street (opposite the front entrance of West Building)
□ Guangdong Development Bank is in Shamian North Street (it is on the corner of Shamian Fourth Street and North Shamian Street, not far from West Building)
□ Bank of China is on the First floor of White Swan Hotel (in South Shamian Street)

White Swan Hotel